As the FCC dictates. We do not share the following information with third parties. Any use of this information by our company would be for management purposes only. We do not offer an opt-in service to share your information. We do not offer any discounts in exchange for the use of this information.

  • Broadband Service plan
  • Geo-location of the customer or the customer’s device
  • Mac address or other device Identifiers
  • IP addresses domain name information
  • Traffic statistics
  • Port information
  • Application header
  • Application usage
  • Application payload
  • Customer Premise equipment and device information

The state of Utah dictates that we share customer locations and Broadband Service plans. The State uses this information to map internet speeds and coverage in the state. Only your Location and Broadband Service Plan are shared with the state of Utah. You can see the State map of River Canyon Wireless here.