REFER A FRIEND, Receive a $10.00 credit!*

  • • No long term contracts - Month-to-month service.
  • • Unlimited Usage - No limits on how much you can download or upload.
  • • Reliability - 99.999% Reliability. (Based on average outage time for the Moab area in 2011)

  • * Limit one credit per billing month. Subject to promotional terms below.

Referral Program - Promotion Terms

These terms apply to and govern use of the Referral Program, which is a promotion for existing River Canyon Wireless customers. No other statements, written or otherwise, shall have any legal bearing upon the Referral Program, except for the Website Terms & Conditions of Use, Copyright Notice, Website Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and FCC Open Internet Disclosure, all of which shall remain in full force and effect.


All current customers of River Canyon Wireless are eligible to participate in the Referral program, except for those that are late on payments, as described the Terms of Service. Prior customers of River Canyon Wireless who's service is no longer active are not eligible in any way for the Referral Program. Future customers who have not yet been installed are not eligible for the Referral Program until their install has been completed and they are using the service.

Customers found to be in violation of any section of either the Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy are not eligible for the Refferal Program. All participants in the Referral Program MUST at all times be in compliance with all of River Canyon Wireless's Terms, Conditions, and Acceptable Use Policies.


Any current customer ("refering customer") may refer someone to River Canyon Wireless for Internet Services. In the event that someone the refering customer has refered to River Canyon Wireless signs up, is installed with, AND receives River Canyon Wireless services, AND states to River Canyon Wireless that the refering customer has refered them, (hereafter refered to as "new customer") the refering customer shall receive a one time $10.00 credit on their account. In order to receive this $10.00 credit on the refering customers account, the new customer must be able to provide River Canyon Wireless with one of the following: the refering customer's account number.


Referring Customer's agree and understand that there is a limit of 1 (one) referral credit per account, per billing cycle ("billing month"). In the event that a referring customer refers multiple new customers in a single month, a $10.00 credit will be applied to each month's bill until total credit has been applied. For example, if a refering customer refers 10 new customers in a month, and every one of those customers sign up and are installed with services, the refering customer will receive one $10.00 credit per billing month for the next 10 (ten) months, totalling $100.00 in credit. River Canyon Wireless will not apply more than $10.00 in credit from the Referral Program to any referring customer in a single billing month.

In the event that a refering customer cancels services before credit from the Referral Program has been received, the refering customer shall forfit all pending Referal Program credit owed for future months, and shall owe any prorated amount due without credit from the referal program.

Refering customers understand and agree that this program may end at any time with notice posted on the River Canyon Wireless website.