• • No long term contracts - Month-to-month service.
  • • Unlimited Usage - No limits on how much you can download or upload.
  • • Reliability - 99.999% Reliability. (Based on average outage time for the Moab area in 2011)

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River Canyon Wireless

Business Wireless Internet Service Application

All required fields must be completed before we will process the service application.


The cost of a wireless Router is not included in the install fee or the monthly rate. Routers are customer owned and purchased. If you would like to use the Internet on multiple devices, or you would like to have wireless inside your home, you will need your own router. If you do not already have a router, our technician can sell you one when he is installing your connection. The router our technician sells is $49.99 + Tax.

An install fee of $54.99 plus the first months service rate must be paid at the time of the installation. Please be prepared to pay at the time of your install. Installers can accept cash, check, credit or debit card on site.

Business Internet Service Plans (Pick One):*

Bluff customers must pay a monthly B.O.B fee (Business Owner of Bluff). Residential customers pay $5 a month. The business fee is $10 a month. This is for construction and maintenance of the Equipment in Bluff

Both Authorized Representative and Landlord/Property Owner lines must be filled out in order to process this application. We must have both the Authorized Representative and the Property Owners names, even if they are the same person. By typing in your name in the digital signature field you are legally digitally signing this application, and representing that you have the authorization to do so.

Permitting and Landlord Approval: It is the Subscriber's responsibility to obtain any and all required permits, homeowner association's approvals, mortgage grantors permission, or to grant or gain landlord approval for the placement of the antenna on the Subscriber's building. Landlord/Owner consents to the installation, maintenance, and removal of the equipment described herein and required by the subscriber to receive River Canyon Wireless services.